McLean Berry Farm

McLean Berry Farm is a 7 minute drive from Shambhala Bed and Breakfast

McLean Berry Farm

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The farm now known as McLean Berry Farm was homesteaded in the mid 1800's and has produced Maple Syrup for around one hundred years. In the mid 1950's Clarence Northey set out to grow some of the first strawberries in the area and this farm has been producing strawberries ever since. When Clarence retired, he sold the farm and it passed hands a couple of times.

The McLean family now offers strawberries as: pick your own, fresh at their farm market, at the Peterborough and Lakefield farmers markets, and wholesale. They also grow a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables and have expanded their store a couple of times over the years in order to display the wide variety of produce that they grow.

In addition, they complement their own home grown produce with other local products such a honey, beef and eggs from other local producers.